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April 7th, 2003

12:58 pm

I had a pretty nice weekend. I went to some Redhawks games, of course. It's great to be back at the ball yard. Things are looking up at the Brick this year. The concessions have been improved. It looks like they've quit being quite so stingy with the cheese. I bought a pretzel and the chick asked me if I wanted more cheese. I was stunned. Also of note, the Hawks have switched to Coke products instead of Pepsi. Woo hoo! Pepsi blows and their commercials piss me off. Especially those lame ass Pepsi Twist commercials. If I see that damn commercial with the Osbornes in it one more time I am going to go postal on someone. And what's the deal with these Osbourne freaks anyway? I really think their show has run its course. I don't see what's so appealing about it. I can't understand a damn word that comes out of Ozzy's mouth. And the rest of the family isn't much easier to understand. They really need to give it up. They are so over-exposed. And on top of all that, Pepsi twist is so nasty!!! I got a free sample once on my way out of a store. I took one drink and gagged. I tried one more drink just because I could hardly believe that Pepsi would come up with something that disgusting. It was still just as nasty, so I threw the rest of the can away. The next day I was at the same store and they were passing out samples again. They offered me one and I said "Hell no. You're not getting me to drink that crap again." Then the sample peddling chick said, "Come on, it's free. Take all you want." I said "No way. The one you gave me yesterday was bad enough." It was funny and it wasn't just me. They couldn't give that crap away to anyone. I am amazed that it's still on the market... And then there's those damn Brittney Spears commercials. What a no talent bimbo.... Stupid Pepsi!!! You're making me crazy! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

...What the Hell was I talking about? My rage has once again thrown me completely off course.

Oh yeah, new stuff at the Brick. So it's Coke instead of Pepsi, Yay! And they put in a Chick-Fil-A. I don't really like Chick-Fil-A because it's overpriced and not that good, but at least the Hawks are trying. I also like that the Chick-Fil-A tent has cow spots all over it. I'm trying to figure out how to steal it. It would look sweet in my back yard. And also new this year.. There's a beer vendor who sounds just like Eeyore. Seriously, think how Eeyore would sound saying "Ice cold beer..." and it's this guy. Very odd. Where do the Redhawks find these people?

The Hawks have had a good start this season. They've won 3 in a row after losing the season opener. They seem to have lots of offense and the bullpen has been pretty solid thus far. We've got a midget for a shortstop. OK, midget is an exaggeration, but he's definitely the shortest guy on the team. He was on the team for a few games at the end of last year, but I guess I didn't really notice him. He looks tiny out there compared to all the other players. He's probably taller than he looks, but he looks about 5' 4''. When he's at bat, he's barely taller than the squatting catcher. But damn does this guy have some wheels! He hauls ass on the bases. He had a stand up triple on opening night that would have been a double for anyone else on the team. He also regularly beats out infield grounders for hits. He's a blast to watch. He's easily my favorite player so far this season.

I had a great day yesterday. Randy and I went to his Mom and Dad's house for lunch. His mom fixed quesadillas and burritos. Then we went home and watched NASCAR. It was a pretty exciting race. Stupid Dale Earnhardt Jr. made an illegal pass that NASCAR let him get away with because he's their media darling and won the race at Talladega for the 4th straight time. That guy really ticks me off. He's arrogant and races dirty. All he ever does is runs into guys to get them out of the way. What a jackass. After the race, I went to the store and picked up some things for dinner, including 2 pounds of big-ass, fresh shrimp. Mom and Dad came over for steak and shrimp on the grill. We also had salad, potatos and garlic bread. It was tasty. The shrimp turned out really good. I have almost perfected the art of grilling fresh shrimp.

Dad and Randy played an exciting game of geri-ball before dinner. Dad went into the game having never been beaten by anyone. Randy, in his first game ever, pulled out to the early lead. Then Dad got serious and made a charge from behind. But Randy continued to play well and pulled out a narrow 5 point victory. Well, we think he won. They kind of had trouble keeping track of the score but that's how they think it turned out. I should have helped them keep score, but I was busy cooking. Still it's nice to see that Dad has some Geri-ball competition. He was getting a little full of himself and his undefeated status.

After dinner and geri-ball, Randy and I once again got into a big sports debate. We have been doing that a lot lately. No wait, it's not just lately. It's been like that ever since we met. Who knew that all those hours spent arguing on the bus would result in marriage? Anyway, this debate was pretty heated and Dad really laughed his ass off the whole time. This was the second of our heated sports debates over the weekent. The result of all this arguing is that we now have 2 bets going which I will now make an official, public record of so that I can collect my winnings at the appropriate time. The first bet concerns Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez. I say he's a washed up, over-rated, punk-ass bitch and will not finish the season above .500. Randy, the ever dilusional and over confident Yankee fan, thinks "El Duque", now with Montreal, is still great, and will finish above .500. The wager on this one is $20. A record of .500 results in a push. For bet number 2, we switch to the NFL. My sleeper pick for the 2003 season: the Minnesota Vikings. Randy's pick: the San Diego Chargers. The winner will be decided by a comparison of the 2 teams' records at the end of the season. The wager is a 12 pack of beer. Since I don't like beer, I will accept a 6 pack of Two Dogs Orange flavored brew when I am victorious. Go Vikes!!!

What an eventful weekend. That made for a pretty decent update. Things are looking better for AudreysAudities.com. Oh yeah, don't be alarmed if the site goes down for a day or 2. I'm intentionally letting my domain name expire so I can re-register it with a different company. It's a long story, but basically, that's just easier than transferring the name. This move will be much better for the site and will get rid of that stupid advertising bar at the bottom of the screen. OK, that's it. Have a good day.