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April 3rd, 2003

12:59 pm

OK, I give up. No more promises about trying to write more regularly. Clearly I am just kidding myself. I'll do what I can. It's not so much that I'm so busy that I can't find time to write. I've just been in a bit of a slump. I don't feel like I have anything to say. It's hard to do updates on nothing. But I feel my urge to write coming back, so maybe things won't be quite as bad around here as it's been lately. I can't believe I didn't do a single update in all of March. I think I just needed a break.

There's been a lot going on. The wedding plans are coming along quite smoothly. I've got the ballpark lined up for the wedding and the reception plans are done. I've got a dress. The bridesmaides dresses are picked out and we've got a place lined up for tuxes. I've also got a photographer. All that's left is cakes, flowers, decorations and invitations. I rule. I am happy with he progress that's been made. I can't wait until September!

Randy and I have decided to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We're going to Maui and Kauai and will be gone for a week. It's going to rock. I need to get a good tan this summer so I won't fry in Hawaii. Tanning opportunities should be abundant this summer. Work is almost done on Randy's boat so we will be spending many weekends at the lake. I am so excited. Boats kick ass!

How bout this war stuff? I should probably not say anything because my opinions as usual are not entirely politically correct. I can't say that I'm against the war per se. Now that we're there I hope we kick ass and get the hell out quick. But I think charging into war the way we did was a mistake. Americans are arrogant. We just charge in and do whatever we want without giving much thought to the rest of the world. I would have liked for us to try the diplomacy route a bit longer. I think it would have ultimately resulted in war anyway. But it would've been nice to go to war without coming off like assholes. I also don't like how we just assumed the Iraqis would just throw in the towel as soon as we crossed the border. It's just so arrogant and stupid. So what if Iraq is outgunned. We know Iraq is controlled by a violent regime that has zero regard for human life and views death in this conflict as an honor. It's not the least bit surprising that they're fighting back as long as they have. It seems like out war plan was dependant on the mass surrenders that never happened. I'm appalled at how spread out our troops were and the lack of good supply lines. It's been a poorly planned war and the rest of the world should be mocking us. We're getting samcked around more than expected and considering we haven't found any of these illegal weapons that we were all worked up about, I think we're looking rather foolish as a nation. I don't like looking foolish. But all I can do is voice my ridiculous opinions and try to take some solace in knowing that I didn't vote for the idiot George dubbya. That's all Ive got to say about the war. Just wanted to get that off my chest. It's just my opinion so don't get yourselves too worked up over it if you disagree.

Hooray for baseball season!!! It's been great seeing baseball on TV again. And tonight is opening night for the Redhawks so I am anxious to get my first taste of live baseball for the season. Opening night rules. It's so nice to see the beauty of the field for the first time and get the smell of the ballpark in your nose again after a long, boring winter.

I don't want to talk too much about this because I am still in mourning and the pain is too much to bear, but yes, I was totally devastated by TU's loss to Wisconsin in the second round of the NCAA tourney. What a gutwrenching loss. That was definitely one of my most painful TU moments. and was the second time that I ever cried over a TU loss. (In case you were wondering, I also cried after TU lost to North Carolina in the 2000 NCAA regional finals ever so close to a Final Four appearance.) This Wisconsin loss was worse just because we had the game won and blew it. TU was in control the whole game and it seemed like a for sure Sweet 16. Then we were outscored 16-2 in the last 4 minutes and lost by 1. Ouch! That's tough to swallow. This was supposed to be TU's big year and it just didn't happen. Now it's time to rebuild. I think TU is facing at least one down year, maybe more. I hope I'm wrong but TU lost 4 great seniors.

Well, I guess that's all I've got for today. Now that baseball season is back and Summer's right around the corner, I ought to have more stuff to talk about for a while. Stay tuned...