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February 27th, 2003

12:47 pm

I'm a little blue today. I woke up to the news that Mr. Rogers died this morning and I haven't been right since. I don't know why I find his death so depressing. It's not like I knew the guy. But, I do have many fond memories of watching his show when I was little. I loved that show. I didn't like that land of make believe stuff much, (Lady Elaine drove me nuts), but the rest of the show was cool. The one that sticks out most is when he went to a music shop and showed the different instruments, especially the part with the snare drum. I also really liked it when he'd feed the fish and when he talked to the trolley. I liked how he had that traffic light in the house too. I always wanted a traffic light in my bedroom because of that. Hell, I still think it'd be cool to have one. And it was neat how he talked to the camera and made it seem like he was talking to me. I used to talk right back at the TV like he could hear me. (Hey, I was 3 or 4. I didn't know any better.) Then I'd feel all proud of myself when I answered things right and he said I dd a good job. It was just a bitchin show that made me feel good about myself. It's weird to miss somebody you never met, but I will miss Mr. Rogers. Goodbye, Neighbor...