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February 25th, 2003

12:48 pm

I think everyone must've given up on me. There hasn't been a peep on my message board in a long time. I know it's my fault because I don't update the site enough. But I'm going to do better. I miss my most loyal readers. Please come back to me so my site will have a little purpose. PLEEEEEAAAAASE! I'll update more, I promise. Oh hell, now that was just lame and pathetic. I suck. See, this is why I don't update more. I have nothing to say and end up writing total crap.

My birthday was Sunday. It was pretty bitchin'. It sort of became a weekend long celebration. Saturday, Randy and I had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse. After dinner, Mom and Dad came to the house and watched the TU/Gonzaga game on Randy's big ass TV. (It's 65 inches of glorious TV pleasure hooked up to Bose surround sound speakers. My living room is now officially the happiest place on Earth. Yes, I am really just marrying Randy for his TV and speakers. It's OK, I told him and he's totally fine with it... Hee, hee.) Anyway, TU played pretty good and led most of the game. But Gonzaga got hot and TU went lifeless and lost the game. It sucks. TU has no chance to get in the NCAA tourney except by winning the WAC tourney. It's really disappointing. There was so much pre-season hype about how great this team was going to be and they've done nothing. I'm seriously depressed. I like it better when everyone ignores TU then they play above expectations. I can't cope with this big letdown. GRRR...

So, back to my birthday, Sunday, my Grandma fixed all my favorite foods for lunch, including a banana cream pie for dessert. (Mmmm, banana cream piiieee.) Then Sunday evening, Randy fixed me a nice dinner. He cooked steaks on the grill (It's hella-cold outside yet he still went out and froze his nuts off to fix me dinner. Isn't that seeet?) He also fixed baked potatos, beans, bread and salad. It was tasty. Damn I'm spoiled. Randy is way too nice to me.

I guess that's all I have for now. You know, I'm noticing that since I've been all happy and in love, my website has lost it's edge. Stuff just doesn't piss me off like it used to. I'm just too lost in my euforia to get riled up about things. It's very annoying. The new happy me is making the old cynical me sick. There is a massive struggle for power raging between my two personalities. Who will win??? Stay tuned for the compelling outcome... Oh man, I am such a huge dork. Did I really just write that? Awww, I suck! Have a lovely day.