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January 9th, 2003

12:44 pm

I am so excited! I have a new gadget that I've been playing with. I finally broke down and bought a Sony Minidisc player/recorder. I've been drooling over these things for at least 5 years. And now that the prices have dropped and the technology has gotten even better I decided to go for it. I am so in love with this little gadget - it's completely insane. I've always been an electronics junkie. For the most part, I can remain fairly sane and level headed about these things, but I totally lose my cool over portable audio. So this Minidisc player is every bit as cool as I thought it would be. It's compact and so much easier to tote around than a CD player. It's more versatile and reliable than MP3 players and Digital Jukeboxes. It's easy to use and sounds great. It's the coolest piece of portable audio equippment that I have ever owned. I just can't put it down. Last night I started a mix disc which will have 160 minutes of only the most kick ass songs ever made. It's going to be great. So far I have 11 songs on it and it completely rocks. I'll have to raid Mom and Dad's CD collection before I can finish the mix disc. They've got The Clash and an Iggy Pop CD that I'm always borrowing. Hell, they have a ton of stuff I've been wanting to copy if they'd ever get their CD burner fixed. I also need to get all of my Cake CDs back from them. Man this mix is going to be so sweet! I know no one really cares that much about me and my minidisc player. I'll try to shut up about it. But I'm just so excited...

OK, Moving on, I have had it with idiotic behavior on elevators. Ever since I hurt my knee I've been using the elevators at work. I've always preferred the stairs. I can get where I'm going on the stairs faster than waiting for a damn elevator. I just hate to stand around and pick crack, plus, a little exercise isn't going to kill me. I like the satisfaction I feel after using the stairs. Stairs are the only thing that prevent me from being a complete lazy slob. Anyway, people are idiots when it comes to elevators. These boneheads crowd around the elevator doors and stampede their way on the instant the doors open. No one waits to allow people to get off. What the hell is up with that? I have been damn near tackled by people who run on to the elevator. It just doesn't make any sense. What's the big hurry? There is more than enough time for everyone to get off and on the elevator in a civilized manner. And even if you miss an elevator, big damn deal. There's always the next one. I'm sick of having to lower a shoulder and fight my way though some whale of a woman who can't wait an extra 3 seconds to let me off the elevator because she's in such a big damn rush to get to the snack bar for her daily donut and diet coke. Damn, I can't wait until I can start using stairs again. This elevator business has me seething with rage.

OK, I need to go. I've got myself all worked up into a frenzy thinking about idiots on elevators. It's time to call it a day. Later.