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December 13th, 2002

12:09 pm

Friday the 13th! Woo hoo! I love Friday the 13s. Contrary to the silly superstition, I always have great days. Cool stuff just always seems to happen. It's great.

The chciks in my office have been playing Christmas music all week. It's kinf of annoying. I've always thought Christmas music was kind of lame and I think it's odd that people actually listen to it. I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Everyone really seems to dig Christmas music. I guess I'm kind of a scrooge. Not really though. I like Christmas and all the decorations and stuff. I even put up my tree this year. I'm just not into all the sappy tunes and other sentimental crap that comes along this time of year.

I went to Tulsa Wednesday night for TU's big game against Kansas. It was the toughest ticket in town. I saw people buying SRO tickets for $50 before the game. Fortunately, my Dad's cousin did some deals and scored tickets for me, my parents and Grandparents. It was really exciting to be there for such a huge game. It had the feel of an NCAA tournament game rather than an early season non-conference game. I really wanted that game. It's practically killing me that TU lost. They just couldn't get anything to fall in the second half and KU was totally greasy. I know it'll still end up being a good loss for TU and playing Kansas will help the 'ol RPI, but I'm still so very depressed over the loss. But I do have a lot of respect for KU for coming to our house to play. TU has a tough time scheduling good non-conference opponents because TU is too good but lacks the national reputation they deserve. No one wants to risk a loss to a good team when they can get a guaranteed win against a cupcake team. This year TU is finally getting some national attention and respect and I really hoped they could get a win against KU and prove that the hype was deserved. TU has to show something while they've got some attention. TU must win against Iowa and Gonzaga later this season.

Guess that's it for now. I'm going to Tulsa this weekend to have Christmas with my Dad's family. I'm really looking forward to the trip. Later.