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December 2nd, 2002

12:25 pm

I just peeked at my message board and I see that y'all are getting a little restless for an update. As "Nen the intoxicated friend" pointed out, I have been to Vegas and then there was Thanksgiving, so I have plenty to talk about. Well, be patient. I'm getting there. See, I was waiting for December to get here because I hated the thought of doing a massive update only to have to move it to the archives a few days later. Had I realized that yesterday was December 1, I would have posted my update last night. But I was a day off. When I figured out that today was the 2nd, I felt like I had lost a day of my life. It's very confusing. Anyway, I worked on my Vegas update over the weekend. I was going to post it today, but I got to work and noticed that I left my disk at home. So the Vegas update will have to wait for now because I don't have time to write it again right now. I know, excuses, excuses. Just keep your pants on. I'll get it done eventually.

In the mean time here's a creepy photo for your consideration. [creepy photo omitted] That's me in the red. The chick next to me is Stephanie's cousin Jeri, who lives in Texas. She is not related to me in any way, yet as you can see, she looks like me. The biggest difference is that she's a few inches shorter than I am. It's very disturbing. I can't begin to describe how creepy it feels to see someone who looks like you. Seriously, unless you're a twin or something, it's just not something you're prepared to see. I remember the first time we met. I walked into the room. It suddenly got real quiet for a second and we just just stared at each other in shock. My hair was shorter the first time we met and hers was too. This time when I found out she was coming to town, I thought it might not be quite as weird since I'd been growing my hair out some. But, I discovered that Jeri had also been letting her hair grow, so we still look alike. It's so bizarre.

OK, I suppose I have time to talk about Thanksgiving. Basically, it was all about eating, watching football and sleeping. That's pretty much all I did. Wednesday night, I went over to the Whodinis' for dinner. They served up some bitch'n ham. After dinner, we played Trivial Pursuit. We split the teams by age - over 35 (Mom, Dad, Whodini's Mom, and Mr's Whodini's Mom and Dad) vs. under 35 (Me, the Whodinis and Amanda and Bob). It was a very close game. Both teams got all the pies about the same time. My team had several chances to win but couldn't get the job done. The parents got a ridiculously easy question to win the game. I think we would have had a better shot had Bob not fallen asleep on us. Bob knows a lot of random crap. Way to let down the team, Bob.

Thursday, I slept late then got dressed just in time to head over to my Gandma's house for some grub. The grub was decent, but not up to my Grandma's normal standards of excellence. The turkey and the dressing were a little dry. It was still good enough for me to take leftovers, just not spectacular. Then Thursday night, I went with Mom and Dad to meet the Whodinis at a bar for yet another Thanksgiving feast. Ah, Thanksgiving at a bar. Is there a more wholesome way to spend the holiday? I think not. The Whodinis have a friend who owns a bar. Every Thanksgiving she cooks up a big feast for her friends, family and her regular barflies who have nowhere elso to go. I was still full from my meal earlier in the day so I didn't eat much. Everything I sampled was very tasty. I especially enjoyed the rum cake. It tasted like pancakes soaked in syrup. It was amazing.

Friday, I boycotted all the big sales and stayed home to watch football. I can't believe people go shopping at the crack of dawn just to save a few bucks. Screw that. I'd rather sleep. I don't even like to shop during humanly acceptable hours. I certainly don't want to go shop at dark-thirty in the damn morning. It's insane and I refuse to participate. So, I stayed on the couch and watched football. Then Friday night I went to Mom and Dad's for a steak and baked potato. (Man, I cleaned up on free meals this weekend. I rule!)

Saturday, It was more sleep and football. I grazed on leftovers all day. I wouldn't have even left the house except that I kept seeing the commercial on TV for Sonic's new "Jumbo Popcorn Chicken". It looked so tasty. I was totally sucked in by that commercial and had to make a quick run to Sonic. I'm such a sucker. I hate it when advertising works on me. It makes me feel like such a tool. But damn that chicken was tasty. I wish I had some more right now.

Sunday, I slept late, again. (It's a recurring theme eh?) Then I went to grandma's house for lunch. We had turkey pot pie. (Woo hoo leftover turkey.) Personally, I feel that the pot pie is the best use of leftover turkey. I love pot pies. However, I did not love listening to Dad piss and moan about how he barely got any leftover turkey because my grandmother "was saving it to waste on this crap". He went on and on and on. What a dick.

Ok, I really need to stop. That's not a bad update. That creepy photo should be enought to keep you entertained for hours all by itself. I'll get the Vegas stuff up soon. Later.