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November 11th, 2002

12:03 pm

I wasn't as active this weekend as I expected. I had planned to go with my parents and the Whodini's to see The Strokes on Friday night. The concert was sold out and we didn't have tickets, but we were going to try to find some out front. Well, Friday evening rolled around and I was tired. My knee was hurting and I just didn't feel like standing around a lot. So I bailed. I just felt compelled to stay at home on my couch. It's hard for me to push aside my anti-social nature sometimes. I'm just a big loser. The rest of the group went without me and I'm told they had a lovely evening. They didn't find tickets so they went bar hopping instead.

Saturday, Dad and I went to TU's last home football game. It was a shootout with San Jose State. TU lost 49-38. I was of course disappointed with the outcome, but all the scoring and a nice late come from behind surge by TU made the game interesting. TU could have won this one if not for some silly play calls. I hate to see a game get away because of poor strategy. For instance, the middle of the second quarter with the game tied at 21 where every drive has ended in a touchdown or turnover is not the best time for a "surprise" onsides kick. Especially when we're talking about TU who seems to call one of these cutesy-poo trick plays every week. Everyone in the stadium saw it coming. Of course it didn't work, San Jose got a short field and some momentum. Next thing you know the game is out of hand. It makes me want to go down on the field and start whipping Coach Burns's ass kind of like those drunk, shirtless guys in Chicago. The only difference is that my attack would be totally justified. Fortunately, the season ended just in time so no one got hurt. (Please note, this is a meaningless statement made in jest and motivated by the frustration of another dreadful season. Please do not overreact and come arrest me or try to place me in a mental institution. I am fine and am in control of my rage at all times.)

I got out a little on Sunday for some lunch with a friend. Then I did a little shopping and spent the rest of the day watching sports. It was a good day, but nothing really exciting to talk about. I did eat some squid, which was kind of interesting. I even liked it and much to my amazement, I had no texture issues with it. Yep, there are foods I won't eat because of the texture - mushrooms, cooked tomatoes, strawberrys etc. Squid seems like it would belong on the texture list but it was ok. I'm stunned.

So that was my exciting weekend. Nothing else is going on so I guess I'll call it a day. Later.