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November 6th, 2002

12:05 pm

I am so glad the damn elections are over. Every election year, the campaign ads get lower and more annoying. I am sick of seeing this crap on TV. Plus, with elections these days, it's a no win situation for voters. All the candidates suck. You just have to pick the candidate that sucks the least.

The Governor's race was comical this year. Early on, Steve Largent had a huge lead in the polls and it seemed like it would be a total waste of time to bother with an election. The Democratic candidate, Brad Henry, was a big underdog through the whole race. He got something like 28% of the democratic vote in the primary, then had a big upset win in the run-off. Largent seemed like he was in position to coast to a win. Slowly, Henry started making up ground in the polls. Then, Largent went on local TV and said "bullshit" in an interview. That was it for Largent. You can't say "bullshit" in this uptight, bible-thumper state and expect to win an election. Also in the same interview, it came out that Largent didn't find out about 9/11 until 2 days after it had happened. However, his staff issued statements immediately after the disaster as if he had been informed. Needless to say, that didn't go over too well. It really kills me that crap like that decided the election rather than issues. I wouldn't change my vote just because a guy said "bullshit". People are so lame.

I'm relieved that Largent screwed up. He was my childhood hero but his politics scare me. His political career has totally ruined him for me. It bothers me how much of a fan I was. I just try to separate the football career from the politics and not let it bother me so much. It's just really hard to see a guy you once worshipped go bad. I'd rather have seen him turn into a drugged up, gun-toting criminal than have to find out that he's an ultra-conservative Republican. EEEwwwww!

I'm wearing a blouse at work today that I haven't worn in a long time. When I put it on, I vaguely remembered that there was some reason why I didn't wear it. Now that I'm at work and can't do anything about it, I remember the reason. The blouse fits everywhere except in the boob area where it's just tight enough that one of the buttons pops open. I looked down this morning and noticed I was putting on a little show. Very nice. The boob guy could be in for quite a treat this afternoon if I'm not careful. Boobs are such a pain in the ass sometimes. I have to buy shirts that are too big for me just to make sure my boobs stay covered. It really pisses me off.

Wow, I'm writing about my boobs. That's a good sign that I need to shut up for now. Have a lovely day.