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October 21st, 2002

11:49 am

I don't think i have anything to say today, but I hate to leave y'all too long without an update so I'll just type and see what comes out.

I didn't do much this weekend. Friday night Stephanie and I went to see a movie. We saw Brown Sugar. It was not very good. It had a few funny moments here and there but mostly it just dragged. It was cool to hang out with Stephanie though. She started a new job recently and has been working her ass off so we haven't had time to go do anything.

Saturday, I just watched football all day. I didn't leave the house once. I am stunned that Iowa State got slaughtered by OU. I really expected that to be a close game. Instead it was just a big snooze-fest. I am so pissed off at Kansas State and their lousy kicking game that I can barely control myself, but I really shouldn't get into all of that. I tried to stay up to watch TU play Hawaii. The game didn't start until 11 PM local time. I made it through about five minutes before I fell asleep. Then I woke up about 1:30 AM and kind of dozed off and on through the rest of the game. I was alert enough to know that we were losing, but that's it. TU lost 37-14. Oy, that's depressing, but at least they covered the spread.

I watched more football Sunday. I also watched NASCAR. I can't believe there are only 4 races left this season. Fortunately the off-season is short. They'll start racing again in February. Woo hoo!!! Did y'all see the Dallas/Arizona game? Man what a crappy game. I hate how we get the stupid Dallas Cowboys games on Fox just because they're in the region. Screw tham. I am sick and tired of seeing crappy games. I'd rather see 2 good non-regional teams. This week Dallas wowed the viewing audience with 1 touchdown and a missed extra point while Arizona countered with 3 MISSED field goals before finally making one in OT to put us all out of our misery. It was football hell.

Pretty boring weekend eh? Fortunately there's more excitement in store for this coming weekend. This Saturday is homecomming at TU. They're playing UTEP. UTEP got its first win of the season by upsetting Rice over the weekend. I'm disappointed. I really hoped UTEP would come into Tulsa winless so we could have the ultimate match up of pathetic college football teams. But, this match up is still worthy of being billed as the Bottom-feeder Bowl. I can't wait. This is TU's best chance left this season to avoid 0-12. Plus, the TU bookstore will be open before the game so it's an opportunity to buy cool TU stuff. Of course, I have no money to buy cool TU stuff. But looking at TU stuff is better than nothing.

I'm in homeowner hell. I've been trying to get a new furnace installed in my house for about a month, but have encountered trouble at every turn. The guy got the old unit out then discovered I don't have enough duct work for the new one. Then, it turns out that he can't fix the duct work because my crawl space isn't big enough to allow access under the house. To make the crawl space bigger, I had to have part of my patio broken out which means now I have to get it fixed in such a manner so as to not block the crawl space. I'll probably have a deck built around my porch so that you can get to the crawl space by going under the deck. This has been a complete nightmare. Plus, I've been without heat all this time. It hasn't been that cold yet, but it's been cool enough that it gets down to about 60 degrees in the house at night. That's a little chili. I've been fine with blankets and stuff, but it's a bitch getting out of bed in the mornings. Man it's cold. I can't wait to have this mess behind me.

And on a related note, I think I mentioned a couple of months ago that I think there are cats living under my house because my crawl space isn't closed off properly. Well, the other day I was talking to a neighbor who mentioned to me that she was feeding 8 stray cats. 8! Well isn't that just super? And to make matters worse, one of them is pregnant. Actually I should say "was pregnant" because I learned over the weekend from the lady that the pregnant one had her kittens "somewhere." I have the feeling that "somewhere" may be under my house. Now I'm a big sucker for animals and it kills me to see strays. But why would this pin-head feed so many. It's just going to make the problem worse. More strays will show up for the grub, then they'll breed and produce more strays and more breeding. If she really wants to help these animals, she needs to adopt them herself and get them spayed/neutered or take them to an animal shelter. I am so annoyed with this woman. I really hope there isn't a litter of kittens under my house.

Wow this is boring. Sorry. It's the best I can do today. I've got some other things I want to talk about but I really need to borrow the digital camera from Mom and Dad. I guess I'll call it a day.