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September 10th, 2002

11:46 am

I'm just not right today. It's hard to explain. I don't mean I feel sick or anything like that. It's just that I'm a little off. I don't feel that I am quite tuned in to the rest of the world around me. My day just started off wrong and I haven't recovered. See, when my alarm clock went off this morning, the song they were playing on the radio was this utterly horrid white-boy rap song. It was the worst song I've ever heard in my life. Thankfully I only heard about five seconds of this crap before I was able to turn it off. I don't know who it was or what the song was about, but I can't remember the last time I flew out of bed like that. I couldn't turn the damn radio off fast enough. (Hmmm, you know, given my tendancy to over-sleep thanks to that evil little snooze button, perhaps I should make a deal with the radio station and get them to play that awful song every day... Nah, being on time isn't THAT important.) What is the deal with these white-boy rappers? First of all, 99% of all rap is crap in my opinion. It just doesn't seem like music to me. But there is nothing worse than when white guys try to rap. It's just so pathetic. And why are they playing these lame white-boy rappers on alternative rock stations? I really don't see the fit there. We just got a new alternative station in OKC about a month ago. It's pretty good - infinitely better than any other stations we have to choose from - but I just don't see why they have to keep torturing me with these whiny, nasally voiced white guys who think they can rap. It's just not right. Someone, please make it stop! I just can't function normally after being subjected to such hideous noise.

I don't really have anything to talk about today. I guess I can talk about my knee. It's OK, but I had a little setback last week. I was just starting to feel pretty good. I was walking and exercising basically pain free and the swelling was finally going down. In fact I had just finished commenting to a friend that my knee was the smallest it had been since the injury, then less than five minutes later, I tripped over Gus. Silly little bastard. He never gets in my way but for some reason he picked the worst time to jump in and rub up against my leg. I didn't fall or anything, but I landed on my bad leg pretty hard and at an odd angle. I felt a bit of a twinge in the knee cap, but at least it didn't pop out. So since then, my knee has swelled back up and has been pretty sore. It probably didn't help matters that I walked on it a bunch last Friday. But it's getting better again and I'll get over it. It just set me back a little and will probably get me a couple extra weeks of physical therapy.

I must give a big thumbs up to the world for voting to make purple be the new color in M&M"s. Purple kicks ass and has long been my favorite color. But it has messed up my M&M eating habits. As you know, I am a big freak, so not surpirsingly I have some freakishly stupid issues when it comes to eating. For instance, when I eat M&M's, I cannot just eat them out of the bag. They must be poured out and arranged by color so that I can eat them in their proper order. First, I eat all the brown ones, then orange, red, yellow, blue and finally green. Now my big dilema is where to fit in the purple ones. I'm thinking of putting them between blue and green. Purple is such a great color that the purple M&M's are worthy of being eaten last, but I just can't make myself bump the green ones from the last spot. I'm not sure how this nonsense got started. When I was pretty young, someone told me that eating the green ones last was lucky, so I've done that ever since. I can't even remember for sure who told me that, but it was definitely the cause of my obsessive compulsive M&M eating habits. Wow, I can't believe I've given this so much thought. I haven't even had a bag with purple M&M's yet because I need to work out this new color issue. I also have a note about it in my notebok. Seriously, I need help. If anyone wants to make contributions so that I can go get some therapy, just drop me an email and we'll work something out.

OK, that's it. I have to stop. I'm just not in a writing groove today. I do feel better about this M&M thing now. How odd. I think I might actually be ready to have a bag. Yeah, I'm ready. See ya! I'm off to buy some M&M's.

This Just In - it's an update to my update! I just opened my M&M's and am faced with total disaster. There are no blue or green candies in this bag. Oh, the humanity! What am I supposed to do now? And really, why does this even bother me? AGGGHHHH!