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September 9th, 2002

11:45 am

I was so lazy this weekend. I barely left the house. It was great. Of course, you'd think I could have used some of that free time to do an update or 2, but I didn't. So lazy...

Friday night I went to Game 3 of the Redhawks playoff series with Salt Lake City. We were down 2 games to none going into game 3 so it was a must win in order to stay alive. We lost. Season over. The end of the Hawks season brings mixed emotions. I'm always so depressed about walking out of the ballpark for the last time, but on the other hand, it is very time consuming to go to as many games as I do so it's kind of a relief to get my evenings back. I will miss baseball, but it is time for the new TV season to begin so that should help fill the void.

Saturday, I didn't leave the house. I laid on my couch in a TU t-shirt and my TU boxer shorts and watched football all day long. There were so many good games to choose from. It was like going to an all-you can-eat buffet - just too many choices. I watched Texas A&M beat Pitt (barely) and then it was over to Notre Dame who just barely covered the spread against Purdue. Then I flipped back and forth between Miami/Florida and OU/Alabama. I must say, I think OU is seriously over-rated. They haven't looked all that impressive yet and they've been up against weak opponents. I can't figure out where all this OU national championship hype is coming from. They just don't have the offense to make a serious run. I am even more convinced of OU's inferiority after listening to TU get dominated by Arkansas State (supposedly the worst team in NCAA division 1 football.) TU was pathetic. They let ASU run all over the place. I was kind of encouraged after the OU game because TU managed to look pretty good against the Sooners. Now I'm thinking that it was the Sooners sloppy play just made TU look good because TU got humiliated by ASU. The score was close, 21-19, but it was ASU mistakes that kept the game close. TU did nothing on offense and it was like they didn't even have a defense on the field. I have never been so depressed about TU football. I am used to TU sucking, but this was supposed to be our sure thing win of the year. Now I just don't see how we can avoid an 0-12 season. TU needs to make major adjustments and improvements to come up with a win. I guess it might sound like I'm giving up on my team (is it basketball season yet?) but I'm not. Yes, emotionally I have reached an all time low when it comes to TU football, but I'll still be at all the home games and I am still just as fanatical about TU as ever. I'm just going through a post-humiliating-loss-doom and gloom-mourning period. I think I'll recover in time to listen to the game Saturday on the radio. We play Louisiana Tech this week. They're a good team and we should lose pretty bad. La Tech is the team that beat OSU in week 1. Of course really OSU beat themselves with another classic "Poke Choke" but nonetheless, La Tech is a good, underrated team. I'm hoping for a miracle.

While listening to the TU game on the radio, I also watched NASCAR on TV with the sound down. The race was at one of my favorite tracks, but I really didn't get into it too much because I was distracted by TU. My despair over TU seriously cut down on my enjoyment of the race. After the race I went to bed and tried to sleep off my misery. It didn't work. I woke up Sunday morning still feeling like someone had just died or something. But I did leave the house briefly to go have lunch at my Grandmother's house. Then it was back to my couch for more football. There were some entertaining games on yesterday. I especially enjoyed seeing Dallas get humiliated by Houston last night. Wow, I wonder how many hours I spent watching football over the weekend. It's probably best not to think about it. I'm surprised that I've gotten interested in football so early in the season. I usually don't get too excited about football season until after the World Series. It probably has something to do with the almost strike. Whatever. All I know is I can't wait for the weekend so I can watch more football.

This update is a major suck-fest. I think I'll go see if there's anything amusing in the notebook. OK, here's what I wrote on the bus Friday. The boob guy took the day off so I was a tad cranky. I spent most of the trip writing to try to compensate for my boredome. Here's the result - it's "Stuff I Was Thinking About on the Bus":

"Sitting on the bus, it smells like piss. Oh crap, I think I may be sitting in dried piss. Or, is it that guy across from me? Oh, this is just super."

"Now I've switched seats. Smells better here. The bus is now ten minutes late. I'm trying not to be pissed at the Boob Guy for taking the day off and sticking me with a sub-driver. Why is it that the Boob Guy is the only driver in OKC who can keep this damn route on schedule?"

"I have no one to talk to - unless I want to go talk to the Indian guy who's always asking for free legal advice. - I think I'll pass."

"2 old guys just got on the bus, I'd say they're in their seventies. I think they might be twins. They're wearing matching old-guy- gigantic-glasses with yellow lenses. Hmmm, maybe not twins, but certainly brothers. What's up with the matching glasses? No wait, upon further review, these guys look like twins."

"This sucks. I miss the Boob Guy."

Ha, ok that was pretty lame but strangely compelling. I am such a loser. I can't believe that I am so spoiled by the Boob Guy that I resorted to that much complaining about his absensce. I need a life. But really, it's amazing how much longer the ride home seems when the Boob Guy isn't driving.

OK, I'm running out of steam. Now that I don't have baseball to distract me, I will hopefully be spending more time on my updates. Stay tuned...