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September 5th, 2002

11:27 am

As promised, I am going to start getting caught up with my updates. I have a long list. This could take a few days.

I had a pretty good Labor Day weekend. Friday, Dad and I went to Tulsa for TU's home football opener against OU. Before the game we made a stop in Oologah to visit my Grandfather who is making excellent progress in his recovery from Heart surgery. It's so great to see him returning to normal. We only had time for a short visit, then it was off to the game. I have mixed feelings about playing OU. It's good for the athletic department in that it produces a ton of revenue. The TV exposure is also nice. But it also sucks because TU has no realistic chance to win the game. I always feel a little dirty after one of these big money games. It's the college football equivalent of prostitution. TU takes a pounding because it needs the money to survive. I hate that TU has to be in that kind of position, but that's just how it is for small schools with limited resources. So of course the game was a sellout, but unfortunately, the seats were at least 80% filled with OU fans. It was a sea of red, quite nauseating to see in TU's house. So not only is TU getting screwed on the field, but then we let OU come in and turn it into a home game. Just look at all those damn people. (photo omitted)Dad described it as being forced to watch someone else have sex with your wife in you own home. That seems like a good analogy to me. It's a really tough thing to take. But fortunately, TU made me proud. They got some turnovers early and OU was pretty sloppy. TU looked much improved over last year and managed to be down just 3-0 at the half. Dad and I were seriously pumped. On the one hand, we knew it couldn't last. But that little bit of hope at the half made the game a lot of fun. Of course, TU just didn't have the depth to keep up with OU. TU managed to hang in there through the 3rd quarter but by the 4th, things got out of control. TU lost 37-0, but it really was a bit closer than the score indicates. There are a lot of positive things for TU to take out of the game and hopefully, they'll be able to rack up a few wins this year. The best chance for a TU victory comes this week when TU travels to Arkansas State. TU is a 5 point favorite. Maybe my loyalty to TU is clouding my judgement, but the gambler in me would take TU in a heartbeat.

Saturday was Dad's birthday. To celebrate, we had another tailgating party on the parking garage rooftop during the Redhawks game. There's really a great view up there for games. I like to back my pickup into a parking space and put a chair up in the bed. Then I can just sit back and watch the game. It's pretty sweet. Check out this cool picture of me relaxing before the game. [picture omitted] That is kind of a stupid picture, but I think it's really cool for some reason. I think it is because I am kind of obsessed with those shoes. Those are my favorite shoes right now. Seriously, is there anything better than a bad ass pair of Converse All-Stars? I think not. OK, I'm getting way off course here. Back to the party - we had a nice turn out. The food was tasty as usual and we saw a great game. The Hawks closed out the regular season with a 4 game series against division leading New Orleans. The Hawks needed to win 3 of the 4 games to catch New Orleans and win the Division pennant. So The Hawks won Friday (which I had to skip because I was in Tulsa). Then Saturday it was a high scoring back and forth game. The Hawks managed to hang on for the win. It was very exciting. I just love a good pennant race.

Sunday, it was back to the Brick for a hot afternoon game. I usually skip the Sunday games to watch NASCAR and stay out of the heat, but there are sacrifices that must be made with a trip to the playoffs on the line. I was of course hoping for a win so that Monday's game would be meaningless. But in typical Redhawk fashion, the Hawks lost Sunday meaning that the winner of Monday's game would be the Division champ and go to the playoffs. Monday was even hotter than Sunday. I don't know why they insist on playing these damn day games. I was sweating like a hog and made the mistake of wearing a grey t-shirt which shows every drop of sweat. My pit-stains were very unattractive. Picking up dudes at the game was definitely out of the question. Oh what am I talking about? I've never picked up a dude in my life anyway. I'm such a loser. OK, I'm on a major tangent now, but check out these stud-muffins (sarcasm alert!) I saw at the game. [Photos of 2 freak show, weird-ass, rednecks omitted...sadly.] I was really fascinated by the hats. Someone needs to tell these guys that the hats need to go. And if you're going to wear a stupid hat, at least wear matching attire. The guy on the left with the Crocodile Hunter hat was wearing some light blue (very shiny) basketball shorts. It was all so very wrong. The shorts didn't come close to matching the shirt and none of it went with the hat. And I don't even know where to start with the guy on the right. The pasty white legs are nice and the hair just scares me. Really what are these guys thinking? No, actually, what am I thinking? I shouldn't be doing that. My luck, these guys will stumble on to my site and then try to hunt me down and kick my ass. I think I might be committing some kind of tortious act here. Hmm, now I'm starting to wish I'd paid a little more attention in law school. Ah screw it. What are the odds anyway? I'm sure they're perfectly nice guys, but really just look at the hats. (We interrupt this update for a thrilling installment of Audrey's Internet Impersonations - Todays imperonation: William Shatner. "So ... much ... comedy. Can't ... stop myself ... from ripping on .... innocent strangers. AAAHHH!!!" (This concludes Audrey's Internet Impersonations) Holy crap! What is wrong with me today? Did I really just write that? It's official - I have completely lost my mind. So anyway, if you happen to know these guys that I have been critiquing or you are one of those guys, please do not come kick my ass. Clearly I am an idiot and my opinions have absolutely no credibility.

OK, at one time I think I was discussing baseball. Let's try to get back on topic here. The Readers' Digest version of the story is that the Redhawks won an exciting game on Monday and now they play the Salt Lake Stingers in the PCL semi-finals. It's a best of 5 series (Boo! Best of 5 sucks - should be best of 7.) The first two games are in Salt Lake then the next 3 (if necessary) will be here. The Hawks lost game one last night so I'm still only guaranteed one more home game. I sure hope we don't get swept. I'm not ready for baseball season to be over. I know there's still lots of MLB to watch, but even though the strike was averted I'm still kind of disgruntled over the whole thing and I really don't care about those jerks right now. I'm sure I'll snap out of it soon, but right now my baseball radar is tuned into the Redhawks.

OK, that's enough for today. I think that was a decent update. Lots of pictures, a litle insanity - that's quality entertainment. I'm running on fumes right now so anything else I try to write today will suck ... more than usual. Have a nice day!