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August 9th, 2002

11:17 am

I don't have any pictures today. That buns me out. I miss Mom and Dad's camera. I am going to have to work on getting my own.

I'm having a little bar-b-q at my house Sunday. I have mixed feelings about it. It's the same old thing - I'm anti-social and entertaining stresses me out. I guess it will be OK though. Everything always turns out better than I expect. I piss and moan now, but Monday I'll be raving about what a great shin-dig it was. I'd probably feel better if I had actually done a little planning. Instead, I've just been inviting people over but I have no plan. I don't even know what I'm going to cook. I suppose I'll make some burgers and dogs and maybe some bratwursts. Yeah, that sounds good. I'll make sure Mom and Dad bring the camera so I can provide a pictoral account of the event.

Last night I finally started unpacking all the crap that I don't need but want to keep. I've had all this junk sitting around in boxes for over a year. I am so lazy. It felt good to make a little progress on organizing my house. If I can keep myself motivated, I might actually finish unpacking some day.

Wednesday night I went to see Road To Perdition with my Law School buddy, Dana. We had a good time. Road To Perdition is a good movie. It's basically American Beauty with a dysfunctional organized crime family instead of a dysfunctional suburban family. I liked it.

Seeing a movie with Dana is always interesting. See, with Dana, you can't just enjoy the movie then forget about it. With Dana, there is always post-movie-in-depth-analysis of the themes/meaning/symbolism etc. It always takes me back to my college days where we'd spend an hour dissecting one paragraph of a novel in my Literature classes. Last night, Dana was grilling me with a compare and contrast Road To Perdition and American Beauty line of questioning. I of course gave him hell about the interrogation. I told him I felt like I was taking an oral essay exam. Thankfully my answers were satisfactory and I passed the test. It was brutal. It's all good though. I like hanging around with Dana because he always forces me out of my normal vegitative state and gives my brain a little work out.

I guess that's all that's on my mind today. This update kind of sucks. I think I'm too busy stressing out about my party to be my normal witty self.

Ooh, I just had a neat idea. OK, I've mentioned that I now take little notes throughout the day in a little notebook. Well, not everything I write down makes it to the Updates. I try to use only the best stuff for my writing. Well, here's a new feature for you. Every now and then when my life reaches such an extreme level of boring that I end up with what I consider to be a sub-par update, I will go to the notebook and pull out the most interesting quote I can find and share it with you word for word. No editing. It's a little glimpse into my spontaneous thoughts about things I observe. Yeah, this ought to be fun. Unless I can think of a better name, I'll be calling this new feature AudreysAudities.com Notebook Left-Overs. Let's see what I can find for this historic first installment... Ah, here's a little gem from Aug.2:

"Just came out of bathroom at work. WHEW! What a stench! That woman needs to go see a doctor."

Wow, that really sucked. Why did I even write that down? I am such a big loser. So, I guess that's it for today. I'll have lots of stuff to talk about next week. I'll have the big party recap, plus the Boob Guy returns Monday. Stay tuned!