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August 1st, 2002

11:08 am

I can't believe it's August already. It feels like the Summer just got started. It can't be August already.
The Redhawks had an off day yesterday, so last night I went to Target (My favorite store - well, my favorite non-electronics store.) and bought a few things. Most notably, I bought a little notebook so I can keep track of things I want to talk about. I hate how I always feel like I'm forgetting things when I do my updates. (Man, I'm taking notes about this crap now. Could I be a bigger dork?) So, let's go check the list for today...

Hmm, kind of a short list. Wow, my handwriting sucks. OK, first on the list, the "McTard-firm jack-offs." Oh yeah, I've got some serious bitching to do about these people. See, my seat at the Redhawks games is on the aisle. Then there's an empty seat. Seats 3-6 belong to a local law firm. I forget the name of the place. It's a bunch of guys' names and 3 of them are McSomething. Usually, no one from the firm shows up, the seats are empty and I'm happy. But if someone does show up, there is about a 98% chance that the seat occupants will be complete social retards. (Hence the name "McTard-firm".) I think you have to be a complete dork to work there or something. All the attorneys who show are pasty-white fat guys/gals who are complete nerds. They're the kind of people who seem like they spend all their time in the library or in front of a computer and they all seem to think they're somehow more special than everyone else around them. Several of them show up with bratty kids that are completely out of control.

So Tuesday night, this McTard-firm family shows up. They were all total nerds and had clearly never been out in sunlight before. When they showed up, I was in my seat on the aisle, but instead of saying "excuse me" they just stood there and stared at me until I moved. Man I hate that. You know, I have no problem letting people in and out to their seats. It's something that you have to do when you choose to sit on an aisle. My problem is with peoples' manners. These people went in an out all night long and not once did they say "excuse me." Not even after my intentionally loud sarcastic remark about it. (Some people just can't take a hint.) It's maddening. All I want is a little common courtesy. That's it. Show me a little respect and I will gladly move as many times as necessary.

Hardly anyone says "excuse me" anymore. They do the old stand and stare, or they just plow right through your knees without giving you a chance to get out of the way. It makes me crazy. The other thing that really pisses me off is when more than one person from the group goes in or out, but they don't all go at the same time. Instead, one will go in or out then 10 to 20 seconds later the other one will follow so that I have to move twice. It's insane. And the other one that gets me is the old "Stand there with their ass in my face while they have a conversation with their buddies who are still sitting". What the hell?!?! Find out what everyone wants, then get up and leave. Don't stand there with your ass in my face while you try to figure it out. I'm there to see the game, not someone's big ugly ass. AAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Whew, I just uncorked a lot of my rage didn't I? I really feel so much better now. Yet another nasty homicide has been averted thanks to this lovely website which serves as a personal safety valve. Seriously, that tirade has me so relaxed now that I feel like I need a nap.

OK, on to item 2. There's a dude on the bus who hoards bus schedules. He was on the bus yesterday and he sat right next to the scedule rack. I think he only got away with a couple yesterday because the driver really watches him close so he can't get away with much. The driver told me that he once caught the guy after he had taken every schedule that was in the rack. The guy had a plastic grocery sack that was completely full of schedules. I guess I don't really have any commentary on this subject. I am just interested in odd behavior that I observe on the bus. Almost as interesting as the schedule hoarding nut-case is the driver's obsession with watching the guy. Yesterday the driver put the bus in park and got off the bus to watch the schedule guy walk away just to make sure he didn't have an arm-load of schedules. It's so entertaining - but not as entertaining as talking to the Boob guy - and have I mentioned that the Boob guy will return in 11 days!!! That's right, just 7 more bus rides until the Boob guy is back! Pardon me while I do a little celebratory dance... Ha, I am cracking myself up today.

Sorry kids, that's all I have in the notebook for today. I really like this notebook idea. I think it will really help make my updates more fun. Right now I feel like I have made an excellent purchase. Now we'll just have to see how dilligent I am about writing stuff down. Have a bitchin' day!