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July 29th, 2002

10:53 am

Hello all. I had a pretty decent weekend. Friday, Stephanie came over and we tried to watch Four Wedding and a Funeral. Can you believe I'm just now getting around to seeing that one? It's one of those movies on my list of things to see because I missed them at the theater. So anyway, Stephanie rented it on DVD from Hastings. The disc was in horrible shape. It was so scratched up I was concerned that it might not play. We got through most of the movie with only occasional skips. Then with about 10 minutes to go and right as the movie reached its big climax, the disc completely froze. There was nothing I could do to make it work. So I invested all that time watching the movie and I still don't know if Hugh Grant goes through with the wedding or if he goes to that chick that he's really in love with. It's very frustrating. Don't ruin it for me. I plan to rent a VHS copy and watch the end. DVDs are cool, but I've learned that you're wasting your time if you rent older ones. They get too screwed up at video stores.

Saturday, I woke up at about 7. I laid in bed for about half an hour and had my completely random thought of the weekend. I was laying there when out of the blue I started thinking about how much cooler the world would be if animals could talk. The first thing I'd do if my cats could talk is ask Emma why she insists on sleeping with her ass pointed right in my face. I just don't get it. No matter where I lay in the bed, Emma lays right next to my head with her ass in my face. It's just not right. I wake up every morning with her tail up my nose. It's very disturbing.

After that totally random mental moment, I got up and got ready to go to Oologah for the day. My parents and I drove up there to see my Grandfather. He is home from the hospital now and doing very well. We had a great visit and I really hated having to leave. When we got back into OKC, we went straight to the ballpark for the Redhawks game. It was a good game, but too damn crowded. I hate crowds.

Sunday, I went to my Grandmother's house for lunch then went home for my usual Sunday afternoon activities of doing laundry, watching NASCAR and mowing the lawn. What a thrilling day.

Well that's about it for today. I'm hearing rumors that the Boob guy will be returning to drive on the bus route that I ride every day. It hasn't been confirmed but I should find out in a day or two. If he does get back on the route, chances are I will end up with some good update material. How exciting! I'll keep you posted. Later.