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July 26th, 2002

10:56 am

Yesterday on the bus, there was a big fat guy sitting across from me. For some reason, he had an unfolded bath towel tucked into the front of his shorts so that in hung down in front of his legs. I couldn't help wondering what that was all about. I wonder if the guy was too fat to zip his shorts and he was trying not to expose himself or something like that. Whatever the deal was, something tells me that I should be glad he had the towel.

Here's something that's been annoying me lately. Why do people say "Needless to say..." before they tell you something. If it's needless to say, then why say it?

As I have mentioned before, I am a regular visitor at BobBorden.com. It's the personal website of a guy who works for the Late Show with David Letterman and who used to appear on the show from time to time. It's a pretty cool site. He has a diary that he updates every day which I find strangely compelling. Anyway, earlier this week, Bob had a contest on his site and I won! Woo hoo!!! I won a CD mix that Bob made of his favorite songs. I can't wait for it to get here. Even if I don't like Bob's taste in music, I can at least briefly savor the excitement of winning something.

Oh man, I know I'm forgetting something again. I need to start carrying a notebook so I can keep track of all the crap I want to talk about. Ah, screw it. It'll come to me later. Have a nice day!