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July 23rd, 2002

10:57 am

I'm having trouble sleeping again. I'm getting so sick of this. It seems like once a month or so, I go through a spell where I have sleeping problems. Usually it's that I can't go to sleep or I just wake up a lot. This time, I've been having very intense dreams that wake me up. Over the weekend, I was waking up about once an hour because of a dream. Then I'd go back to sleep and have another damn dream. It's been hell. So last night, instead of a bunch of short dreams, I had one big ass long dream that seemed to go on all night. I slept the whole night through, but the dream was so long and vivid, I feel like I was up all night doing stuff. I just want to get some peaceful dream free sleep. Is that too much to ask? Dreams are so weird. I don't usually have very many, but now I'm all of a sudden having them every night. What is my brain trying to tell me?

Hmm, that gives me an idea. It's a new feature for AudreysAudities.com. We'll call it "Guess the meaning of Audrey's dream". Here's last night's long-ass dream:

I was having a pain in my side so I went to the hospital to have my appendix removed. I got all checked into a private room. I was there for several days, but nothing ever happened. Nurses would come in every now and then and I had visitors - my parents, Stephanie, a bus driver that I know (No, not the boob guy) - but I never saw a doctor. So I finally got pissed off and left. Someone from he hospital told me I'd be OK and that they'd be ready to take out my appendix in a couple of days, so I should come back then. So I go straight from the hospital to the MLB All-Star game. But there wasn't a game going on. The players were there and the stands were packed, but everyone was just hanging around and it was just a big party. There was loud music and the guy on the P.A. system was a rapper whose name was "Blunty". He was wearing a baseball jersey with a cartoonish looking blunt on the back. (A blunt is like a cigar sized joint isn't it? That's what it was in my dream. My knowledge of the term is limited to hearing it in rap songs.) Anyway, the one on this guy's jersey had a arms and legs and a cute little smiley face and it was shooting the finger. So this guy Blunty was dancing around and being obnoxious but otherwise had no real purpose in the dream. The players were also dancing around and acting stupid. And for some reason, they all looked like Mark McGwire. Down the third base line just past the dugout, there was a section of the stands that had been glassed in (It looked kind of like one of those patio rooms that you see added on to houses sometimes). There were guards at the door and only players were allowed in. So this little glassed in area was packed with Mark McGwires (it was standing room only in there) and they were all smoking pot. The little room was completely smoke filled and every now and then a huge puff of smoke would rise from the room as the door was opened to let a player in or out. All the fans were cheering and having a good time. A few players were taking batting practice but mostly they were either in the pot room or sitting in the grass in foul territory just kind of chillin'. I was just sitting in the stands watching all this go on, but that's it. There was no one with me and no conversations or anything. I was just watching this odd All-star pot fest.

So that was basically it. I'm trying to figure out how that dream seemed so long when there really wasn't that much going on. Anyway, isn't that a bizarre dream. What the hell is wrong with my brain. I am particularly interested in all the marijuana that was in the dream. I've never smoked pot or even had the slightest interest in it. So why am I having such detailed dreams about it? And what's with all the rap influence? I don't listen to rap. So, any ideas as to what's going on in my head? Feel free to discuss it on my message board.

OK, I have to go now. Why did I just write all that crap about my dream? I think I'm sharing way too much information here. Oh well. It's not like that many people are reading anyway. Later.