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July 22nd, 2002

11:03 am

I had a pretty boring weekend. Friday evening, I mowed my lawn (finally) then fell asleep while watching tv. Saturday, I slept late, then worked on my yard some more. Dad came over and helped me do the weed eating, edging and hedge trimming. Then we went to his house and worked on the hedges in his backyard. My parents' backyard is a total jungle. There are shrubs along the fence around the entire yard. It creates a nice tropical atmosphere for the pool, but I personally feel like it's landscaping overkill. Dad's not crazy about it either because they're too much work. I think he should take some of the shrubs out and thin the place out a bit. Really, whoever planted all that crap went overboard.

So after all the yard work Dad and I jumped in the pool for a little while to cool off. Then Mom, Dad and I all went back to my house and cooked shrimp out on the grill. It was a great dinner. Dad and I played four games of that crazy little golf ball slinging game that I keep talking about. Dad has decided we should call it Geri-ball (as in geriatric) since the game is spread all over the country by old folks in RV parks. We had a lot of fun. Dad seriously kicked my ass. I'm glad he liked the game though. I was a little concerned because he didn't act too interested when I tried to explain it to him. Geri-ball is one of those things that doesn't sound like fun, but when you start playing, it becomes very addictive. We tried to get Mom to play too, but she really sucked. She got a set of balls stuck on my utility line just like Stephanie. You should both hang your heads in shame.

Sunday, I stuck to my usual routine of lunch at my Grandmother's house followed by an afternoon of watching NASCAR on tv. It was kind of a crappy race. The track conditions were very slick so there were a lot of wrecks and caution periods. It was also near impossible to pass so all the position changes pretty much happened on pit road. It just wasn't very good racing. Plus, none of the drivers I like did very good. The best thing about it was that Ward Burton won so I got to hear that crazy accent of his during the post race interview. He cracks me up with that accent. After the race, I watched the end of the Rangers/A's game. Then I went to the video store. I rented a movie called "Fever Pitch". It's a British flick about a dude who is obsessed with the Arsenal football (soccer) team and how his obsession comes between him and his girlfriend. I rented it just because It stars Colin Firth who, as I have mentioned here too many times, I am in love with. He's so sexy. OK, sorry, I really should stop talking about him. I sound like an obsessed lunatic. It's actually not that serious. I just like him and am trying to see all of his movies that I missed before I discovered him. Anyway, it was a pretty good movie. I totally identified with the obsession to the soccer team because of my obsession with TU. It wasn't a great movie, but it had it's moments.

So there you have it, another pathetic weekend in the books. I am such a loser. The highlights of my weekend were yard work and hanging out with my parents. Man I need a life. Later.