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July 15th, 2002

11:20 am

I went to Tulsa again on Saturday to visit Larry in the hospital. I was glad to see him making so much progress. He was off the ventilator and able to sit up in a chair. I got to talk with him several times and each time I saw him, he seemed a little more coherent. (All the drugs made him a little loopy.) Hopefully he'll be home later in the week.

Yesterday, I just hung around the house. Stephanie came over and we watched some NASCAR. Stephanie napped through most of it. I kept waking her up with my yelling at the TV. (Why do I talk to the TV anyway? It's so dumb.) After the race, I cooked some hamburgers out on the grill. While we waited for the fire to heat up, Stephanie and I played the golf ball toss game that I learned while I was in Texas with Joyce and Larry. In a nut shell, the object of the game is to throw a bolo-type thing over three different bars which are worth different points. The bolo thing is made from 2 golf balls with holes drilled in the center and tied together with a piece of rope. So Stephanie steps up and takes her first turn. For some reason (rookie mistake I guess) she threw her balls real high and kind of rainbowed them across the yard. The first one she threw wasn't even close and the second one ended up wrapped up on the utility wires that run across my yard. Stephanie and I cracked up. I went and got a ladder and Stephanie was eventually able to knock the balls off by hitting them with a stick. The worst part was that we couldn't stop giggling and I just knew Stephanie was going to fall off the ladder. After that little fiasco, I was tempted to ban Stephanie for life from playing my game but then decided to give her another chance. She finally got the hang of it later and we had blast. I won the first game. Then we had dinner and watched "Kate & Leopold" on DVD. Then we played another game in the dark which Stephanie won. It was a pretty entertaining evening.

That was really all I did this weekend. I once again have the feeling that I'm forgetting something. Maybe I'll think of it later. . . oh, never mind, I just thought of it. Friday on the bus, this kind of big girl (I'm thinking 200-225 lbs.) got on the bus. She was wearing a t-shirt, which wasn't very long, and some shorts that were so short, you couldn't see them because of her shirt hanging down. This girl's shorts weren't much longer than underwear. It was frightening. I am always stunned by what people will wear. I just don't get it. I mean I'm not that big but I could stand to lose a few pounds. I know that I'm too big to be wearing crap like that so why do people who are bigger than me think it's ok to dress like that? I don't want to see other people's lard so I assume no one else wants to see my lard and I therefore dress accordingly. Why can't people put some damn clothes on? What really amazes me is that clothing manufacturers make short and revealing clothing in such large sizes. I just can't believe that there's a demand for skimpy clothing in whale sizes. It's just shocking. Hmm, that little tirade might have been a little tacky. Oh well, you'll just have to deal with it.

Have a nice day!