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July 12th, 2002

11:22 am

OK, so I have been neglecting my duties here lately, but I have a good excuse. I've been in Tulsa a lot this week because Larry, my Grandfather, had a heart attack on July 3rd. If you look at my message board, you'll see that Larry visited my website on the 2nd. Then he had a heart attack the next day. I'm trying not to be offended and I am riddled with guilt. Ha, ok seriously, I know it was a coincidence. So anyway, I found out about it on the 4th, then my parents and I headed to Tulsa on the 5th and spent the day at the hospital with my Grandmother. Then on Tuesday we went back to Tulsa to wait while Larry had surgery - a triple bypass and a valve replacement. The surgery went well but there were some complications afterward. Things were a little tense Tuesday night and Wednesday but then he finally began to settle down Wednesday afternoon. We came home Wednesday evening after it became clear that Larry was stable. I am fully confident that Larry is going to be OK. The recovery is going a little slower than we planned but I have no doubt that he will recover.

Things were really odd at the hospital. We had so many ups and downs. The conversations that went on were just insane. I guess it was stress or fatigue, but all of our conversations kept getting really perverted and just plain immature. Other people in the waiting room must have been appalled by our behavior. At one point my Dad was telling the group about seeing a woman down by the snack bar who was scratching her crotch for about five minutes. He referred to it as "crotch digging". Then it was "digging for crabs" and "snatch scratching". We were cracking up. My family is so warped. My grandmother had been taking notes about the surgery so Larry would know what went on. Then we took it a little further and started a list of "Things That Happened While You Were Out". It has become a full-blown journal. We've been summarizing the bizarre conversations (yes, even that unfortunate crotch digging discussion) and talking about our changing moods as we wait. We have been taking turns writing. It's really interesting reading. It has ups and downs just like we do - funny and lighthearted to tense and emotional. I'm sure he will love reading it when he is able to.. Plus, it has been good for us too. Writing is an excellent way to unload.

So Wednesday, we pulled into town just in time to go to the AAA All-Star game which was held here this year. It was very exciting having the game in Oklahoma City. I had a great time but man was I tired. I had slept about 2 hours at the hospital and I hadn't had a shower since Tuesday morning, so I was pretty uncomfortable. The game was on ESPN2, so we got several phone calls from people telling us that we were on tv every time there was a left handed batter at the plate. It was kind of funny. Cell phones were ringing non-stop in our section. After the game, we went out with some friends who came in from out of town for the game. They were all former Redhawks/89ers employees who have moved on to other teams. Anyway, I got home a little before 2 AM, took a quick shower (Ah, clean at last) and went to bed for a few short hours before I had to go to work. Needless to say, I was a total zombie yesterday. Over a 48 hour period, I had slept a total of 7 hours. Not a good thing. So last night I went home, grilled myself a steak and cooked a big baked potato. After my tasty meal, I was ready for some sleep. I was asleep before nine o'clock last night. And I'm feeling much better now.

We did go ahead and have the big party at the parking garage last Saturday during the Redhawks game. It was an OK party, but kind of quiet. Maybe it was just me. I wasn't all that festive since I was thinking about Larry a lot. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Nothing really major happened. Mom had a pretty good birthday. Dad got her a game used Texas Rangers batting practice jersey that once belonged to pitcher Jonathan Johnson. He got the jersey, not because of who it belonged to but because it was number 50 and this was Mom's 50th birthday. It was a great gift and Mom loved it.

Gotta run. I think I've gotten pretty much caught up since I wrote last. I am going back to Tulsa tomorrow. Hopefully, Larry will be off the ventilator so he can give everyone hell. Don't know when I'll have another update. Hopefully I'll have one Monday. Later.