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July 1st, 2002

11:28 am

I spent the weekend in Kansas City with my parents enjoying my 2 favorite hobbies - baseball and gambling. We went to 2 Royals games. They were playing the Padres and both were excellent games. Friday night, the Royals gave up five runs in the first, then pulled within 2, then it was back down by 5. Finally, the Royals made a another surge and ended up winning 14-10. Very exciting stuff. Clearly, both teams are hurting for pitching. Our seats for Friday's game were incredible. We were on the second row right behind home plate. It was pretty cool to have such good seats at a big league game. Dad has a connection in the Royals front office who hooks us up with awesome seats. These were the best we've ever had.

Saturday's game was Negro League tribute night. My dad is a big Negro Leagues historian and collector, so we try to make the Royals' tribute every year. This year they gave out replica 1949 Kansas City Monarchs home caps. It's a great hat. Nice quality for a freebie and very comfortable. They also had several former Negro League players at the game. It was a good game too - pretty close all night. Ron Gant of the Padres made a spectacular home run robbing grab in left and Mike Sweeney hit a homer in his fifth consecutive game. Sadly, the Royals lost after walking the bases loaded in the 10th and giving up a grand slam to Ron Gant. What a way to lose.

We also spent lots of time in the casinos. I had the touch of death all weekend. I had the worst luck ever. It was depressing. I did get to play a lot of cool new slot machines. I love how slots now have all these pop-culture themes. I played Harley-Davidson slots - which had an awesome bonus game and Pac-Man slots - which was the most fun I've ever had losing $20. I also tried out The Three Stooges, The Price is Right and Hollywood Squares. Really, you can't go wrong with any of the game show themed slots. They're a blast.

That was pretty much all of my weekend. I was hoping something odd would happen on the trip so I could have more to talk about, but it was a pretty tame trip. That's it for today. Later.