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June 26th, 2002

10:27 am

The Redhawks have $1 hot dog night every Tuesday. I get pretty excited over $1 hot dogs for 2 reasons - 1) they're regularly $3 and I love a good bargain, and 2) the hot dogs are unusually good this year. (I think they switched to new wieners. I don't know what brand they are, but they're really tasty.) So last night, I got to the game all ready for a hot dog. I was having, uh . . . let's call it "digestive uncertainties", at the time, so I decided to start off with just one hot dog. I enjoyed my hot dog and all was well in the digestion process so I headed back up in the third inning for another hot dog since I was still feeling hungry. I went to every concession stand in the Brick, and they were all out of hot dogs already. I was so pissed off. What a big load of crap. It's not like the place was packed. How the hell do you run out of hot dogs before the end of the third inning on $1 hot dog night? It's so ridiculous. I mean, they know they're going to sell a ton of hot dogs, so why not be prepared? Bastards. I'm really losing my patience with the concessions people.

I have been so tired lately. I've been having trouble sleeping. I go to sleep, but when I wake up in the morning it feels like I have been asleep for about five minutes. Today when my alarm went off, I was genuinely shocked. I had to look at the clock 3 times because I was certain I had just gone to bed only minutes earlier. It was very odd. I think I'm going to have to watch the caffeine again. Usually when I get this way, I can get myself back to normal by dropping caffeine. But it's hard. I can't decide what I like more, sleep or Dr. Pepper. I don't want to give up either. I think maybe I'll modify the no caffeine at all plan to no caffeine after 7 p.m. and see how the sleeping goes. No Dr. Pepper after 7 won't be a problem for me unless I'm out. Redhawks games will be really tough with no Dr. Pepper, especially since they have that crappy Sierra Mist instead of 7-Up or Sprite. I refuse to pay $2 for water and I don't like beer or lemonade. So, I have now completely exhausted my beverage options at games. I guess I'll have to start smuggling something in. What a pain, but at least I'd save money. The Hawks are out of town until the 4th of July, so I guess I have time to figure something out.

I'm tapped out for today. I'm too tired to go on. I have to mow my yard tonight. Hopefully that will wear me out enough so that I can get some sleep. Have a nice day.