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June 25th, 2002

10:29 am

Have you seen the Commercial that Olive Garden has been running lately? It's got some little dork talking about how his sister can't cook and he'd rather be at the Olive Garden having some "Chicken Con Broccoli". Then he goes on to explain that "Chicken Con Broccoli" is made with Broccoli and Chicken. No, really? That fancy Italian name was really confusing. me. I'm so glad the little dork told me what was in "Chicken Con Broccoli". I never would have guessed. What a stupid commercial. It's another in a long line of stupid commercials that Olive Garden has been running for the past year or so. Why oh why must the advertising world keep making stupid commercials that annoy the hell out of me? Well, I'm sick of it. Screw you, Olive Garden. I won't be visiting any of your restaurants any time soon. Of course this really isn't a sacrifice on my part because Olive Garden food sucks and is overpriced so I never go there anyway. Basically, I just felt like bitching. Mission accomplished. I feel better.

I have nothing else to say today. Things are slow. This is the best I could do. I can't produce a masterpiece everyday ya' know. Later.