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June 24th, 2002

10:30 am

I didn't do anything spectacular this weekend. I went to the Redhawks game Saturday night. Sunday, I skipped the Redhawks because it was a day game and I just couldn't make myself go sit in the heat. Instead, I laid on the couch and watched NASCAR. It wasn't that entertaining this week. I snoozed off and on. Then Sunday night, the dude called and we ended up having dinner and watching the Cubs/Cardinals game on Sunday Night Baseball. It was fun but the game was a little depressing due to the sudden death of Darryl Kile. So, that was my weekend. How exciting.

So I've been following this World Cup soccer thing a little. It was pretty neat that the U.S. did so well. I actually only watched a few minutes of the games though. I just don't get this soccer stuff. But I am extremely fascinated by this post-game tradition where the teams exchange jerseys. First of all, how did such an odd tradition come about? I just can't see how anyone would think this is a good idea. Anyway, when I first saw this jersey exchange, I thought "Wow, that's disgusting. Who would want to put on some stranger's sweaty shirt?" Then I saw a post game pic from the England/Brazil match which featured a shirtless David Beckham (England) and I thought "Wow, look at that guy. I gotta get me some of that. Very nice. Maybe this isn't such a bad tradition after all." So now I'm thinking this is a tradition that should be implemented in our traditional American sports. Forget the post-hockey line up for handshakes. I want to see some jerseys coming off dammit!

OK, I have to stop before I get even more ridiculous. I am totally loopy today. I don't know what's wrong with me. When I was getting ready for work this morning, I was looking all over the bathroom for my toothbrush when I finally found it several minutes later . . . in my HAND!!! I am such an idiot. I should have just gone back to bed after that bonehead move. Later.