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June 19th, 2002

10:32 am

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up next month. I don't really want to go, but I also feel like I should go. It just seems like one of those things I should do. The reason I bring it up is that my friend Teresa has been trying to convince me to go almost since the day we graduated. It's a tad creepy really. I just don't see why I should spend a bunch of money that I don't really have to go reunite with a bunch of people who didn't talk to me in high school. I didn't give a rat's ass about 98% of these people when I was in high school and I don't give a rat's ass about them now. I guess the main reason I should go is that Teresa is my friend and she wants me to go so I should just do it because she has probably done things for me that she didn't really want to do. Clearly I am too busy focusing on myself righ now. But think of the torture I will have to endure. I envision the night being nothing more than having the same lame ass conversation over and over again. The conversation will go something like this:

Classmate I don't remember - "Hi, I'm ____. It's so good to see you again."
Me - "Yeah, it is great. I find myself reminiscing every day about how you totally ignored me in high school. Gee those were some great times."
Classmate - "Yeah, wasn't that the best? So what are you doing now?"
Me - "I'm a lawyer."
Classmate - "Wow! That's great. How do you like it?"
Me - "It sucks. I keep waiting for someone to call me up and offer me a great paying job where I don't have to do much of anything, but it never happens."
Classmate - "What kind of law do you practice?"
Me - "I work for the Tax Commission"
Classmate - "Oh really? So you're the one I need to talk to about getting a bigger refund?" (annoying, fake laugh)
Me - "Oh, that's a good one. I never hear that. Hey, why don't you make a lame joke about not wanting to be audited? I can't hear that one enough either."
Classmate - "Uh, ok. So I'm married and have 2 kids. They're the world's greatest children. Here are their pictures."
Me - "Uh huh, (yawn) that's great. Congratulations. Those are some cute, cute kids. You must be proud."
Classmate - "Yes, we are proud. What about your family?"
Me - "Well, I've never been married and live alone with my cats."
Classmate - "Oh, lesbian eh? I suspected as much."
Me - "No, just single. Why is it that people assume an unmarried female nearing thirty must be a lesbian? Now I remember why I didn't like you in high school. You're shallow and boring. Maybe someday if the right dude comes along I'll get married, but I'm not hell-bent on it."
Classmate - "Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. So are you seeing anyone?"
Me - "Well yes, I sort of have a dude. It's a little early in the relationship and kind of complicated. Since I know you don't really care, I'll spare you the details."
Classmate - "I see. Is he here?"
Me - "No, I like him too much to put him through this Hell."
Classmate - "Uh, OK. So it was great to see you. Let's get together sometime."
Me - "Yeah, right. I'll be glued to the phone waiting for your call."

This concludes a thrilling episode of AudreysAudities.com theater.

Yeah, a whole night of that sounds like fun doesn't it? I guess it sounds like I hated high school and that I'm bitter. That's not the case. I just thought high school was kind of stupid and I moved on to better things. I couldn't wait to get out, not because I was miserable, but because I knew there were more interesting things waiting for me in college. I was just kind of there. I kept to my little group of 2 or 3 friends and didn't get involved in all that high school social order crap. I just didn't care. My attitude was basically "like me or don't - what you see is what you get and I'm not going to change just so I can fit in." So, I wasn't popular and I wasn't unpopular. I was just in social limbo where no one messed with me and that's how I liked it. I'm really not much different now. I'm kind of anti-social and very cynical about things. I seek out quality friends who get me and accept me for what I am. I don't care about having an active social life and I'm happy with my small nucleus of friends. Oy, I'm annoying myself today with all this philosophical self analysis. I must shut up.

So what do you think? Should I go? Tell me about your reunion experiences on my message board and help me decide what to do. I probably won't listen but what the hell? It might be fun to discuss.