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June 17th, 2002

10:35 am

I sort of had a busy weekend, but not really. That doesn't even make sense. I'm such an idiot sometimes. Anyway, the weekend went by really fast like it would if one were really busy, but looking back, it doesn't seem like I really did anything.

Friday night, I went to the Redhawks game. Then after the game my parents, Stephanie and I went out and had margaritas. Mmm...margaritas.

Saturday, I slept until noon. It had nothing to do with the margaritas. I was just tired. Anyway, I got up, took a shower and stretched out on the couch to watch tv. But after a few laps through the channels, I discovered there was nothing on, so I went back to sleep. I napped on the couch for another 3 hours until Dad called and woke me up. I can't believe how lazy I was. So Dad came over and we went to Home Depot. I had to get some stuff for the house - a weed eater, hedge trimmer, edger and other assorted yard tools. Basically, I had to buy everything that Dad was tired of having to haul to my house every time he helped me with my yard. It was quite a little shopping spree. We got most of the stuff we were looking for, but the Home Depot we went to was out of the hedge trimmer that I wanted. After we got back from Home Depot, Dad cooked some awesome steaks out on the grill and Mom made some bitchin' twice baked potatoes. It was a damn tasty dinner. Then it was off to yet another Redhawks game. It was supposed to be a double header, but it started pouring down rain during the 6th inning of game 1. After a nice little delay, the game was eventually called.

For Fathers' Day, I decided to have a little lunch gathering at my house. I cooked up a big pot of red beans and rice Sunday morning. While the beans cooked, I did my laundry and cleaned the house. I had a very productive morning. Mom and Dad, my grandmother and my aunt all came over for lunch. It turned out pretty cool. The beans were very tasty. After lunch, my parents and I went to the ballgame. It was hot. I hate day games. by the end of the game I'm always all sweaty and stinky and I feel like I've been sitting inside of a whale all day. It's such a miserable feeling. But at least I got to buy Dad a nice Fathers' Day beer. After the game Dad and I went to another Home Depot to get the hedge trimmers I wanted. While we were at the first Home Depot on Saturday, I had seen a nice, inexpensive grill that I wanted for the backyard. I would've gotten it Saturday, but we didn't have my truck. I decided to just get it when we went to the other Home Depot for the hedge clippers. Of course Home Depot #2 had the hedge clippers, but not the grill. So we went back to Home Depot #1. Why must everything I do be a total pain in the ass? I now officially hate Home Depot. After that, I went home and talked myself out of mowing the lawn. I am so lazy.

Wow, what an exciting weekend that was. Well that's all I've got today. Have a good one. Later.