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June 10th, 2002

10:39 am

I had a pretty busy weekend. My Parents, Grandmother, Aunt and I got a bunch of crap together and had a big ass garage sale on Saturday. I took off work on Friday to help get everything set up in my Grandmother's garage. We did a lot of work Friday, but it was still nice to be away from the office. The big sale on Saturday was a success. I sold the bike that I won at the Redhawks game last year for $40. The thing was a total piece of crap. It was made in South Korea and was mostly plastic. I was surprised to get $40 for it. I think it might be possible to go buy a better bike for the same money at Wal-mart. Anyway, I'm glad to have it out of my garage. It was taking up much needed space. I also got rid of my old Mac and printer which has been collecting dust for the past 6 years. I sold the pair for $20 to a weird computer geek type of guy. I'm so glad to be rid of the damn thing. Frankly I am stunned at the crap people will buy at a garage sale. Some of the first things to go were a bunch of old bras. I just don't think I could wear a used bra. It's just too creepy.

After the big garage sale I went home intending to lay on my couch all night and do nothing. But Stephanie called and wanted to go see a movie, so I dragged my tired body off the couch so we could go see Star Wars. Man did that movie ever suck. It was painfully slow and seemed utterly pointless. Plus the acting was so bad it was comical. The big love story between Aniken and what's-her-name was hysterical. It was like the lines were being delivered by androids. They were just reading lines. There was zero chemistry between them. Stephanie and I were both cracking up. Stephanie had to get up and leave the theater for a minute because she was laughing so hard at a point in the movie where laughter was not appropriate. Some of the action scenes were pretty neat, but they went on too long and I kept getting bored. I just don't know what's going on with this Star Wars thing. I mean the original three were so cool and although I haven't seen them in awhile, I think I would still enjoy them. But the two prequels have been a total let down. Maybe it's me. I suppose I could have just outgrown Star Wars, but the prequels just haven't had the same effect on me as the originals. Am I getting too old or what?

Sunday, I went to lunch with the family. Usually my Grandmother cooks for all of us on Sundays, but we were all worn out from the garage sale so we went to a mexican place instead. Then I went home and watched the rest of the NASCAR Pocono 500. It was a pretty good race. I was kind of pissed because Ricky Rudd was five laps from victory when he started to lose a tire. He tried to keep going but blew the tire on the next to last lap amd fell to a 17th place finish. I'm not really a Ricky Rudd fan or anything, but I started him on my fantasy racing team so I went from having a great week to a pretty crappy week all because of a tire. No one was going to catch him. It's just so damn frustrating.

Well, I can't think of anything else right now. I guess I'll call it a day. Later.