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June 5th, 2002

10:40 am

Score one for the astrologers. My horoscope yesterday was right. The dude finally called to discuss his recent jerk-like behavior. Isn't that creepy? See, I told you horoscopes were kind of interesting sometimes. Anyway, we talked for a long time and are still in a sort of holding pattern about how to proceed. I don't really want to talk about it right now. I need time to think.

So last night Stephanie and I went to see "About a Boy". It has Hugh Grant and a bunch of other British people in it. It was a great movie. I really liked it, and not just because it has Hugh Grant in it. (I have a major weakness for all the dark-haired British actors. You know, Colin Firth, Jeremy Northam, Hugh Grant, and Rupert Everett - who's gay but still enjoyable. They're just so dreamy to look at anyway, then you throw in the sexy accent and I'm hooked. Oy, that sounds so pathetic and desperate...) Anyway, it's one of those nice, feel-good stories about an unlikely friendship with the added bonus of some good comedy mixed in. It was just an excellent film. It also really made me want to incorporate the terms "bugger off!" and "bollocks!" into my everyday vocabulary. British profanity is just so cool.

I tried a Vanilla Coke yesterday. I've heard a lot of people say they don't like it because it tastes weird or the vanilla is too strong. But for the record, I liked it. When I took my first drink, I wasn't too sure. It's kind of different, but then it quickly grew on me. I had a similar experience with Code Red Mountain Dew but I don't like the vanilla Coke as much as Code Red. The Vanilla Coke was good - a nice every now and then kind of drink to break the Dr. Pepper routine - but not something I'd want to drink all the time. (OK, really, why am I talking about Vanilla Coke? How odd.)

I'm outta here. Have a lovely day.