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June 4th, 2002

10:41 am

It's been a week and still no call from the dude. I almost caved last night but Stephanie talked me out of it. I'm torn. I sort of want to call and confront him about what his problem is, but at the same time, I'm just not sure that it's really worth the effort. Clearly, he does not appreciate my greatness. I should probably just move on and look for a better dude. And an interesting side note on this situation - my horoscope for today says "A long awaited phone call from a love partner, perhaps someone from the past, could come today." Then, it went on about how the discussion would be positive and help to solidify the relationship - yadda, yadda, yadda. Now I don't really buy into this horoscope nonsense, but sometimes they're kind of interesting. I know it's just a big coincidence, but I had to laugh when I read that this morning.

My weekend was pretty non-eventful. My Dad and I worked on my yard most of the day Saturday. Thanks for the help Dad. The yard looks bitchin' but damn my arm is killing me. It's that damn elbow acting up again. Is a bitchin' yard really worth all this suffering? Probably not.

Saturday night I went with Stephanie, Mary and Dick to see Spider-man. That's a pretty cool movie. It's got a decent story and the special effects are cool. Tobey Maguire's got it goin' on in that skin-tight Spider-man suit. Getting to drool over that for 2 hours is worth the 7 bucks to get in. And that scene with Mary Jane kissing Spider-man in the rain while he hangs upside down on a building is just spectacular. That's got to be one of the top 10 movie kisses of all time. Wow!

Sunday, I basically laid on the couch all day. I watched some NASCAR (I've gotta let out a big Woo hoo for Jimmie Johnson winning the race. Jimmie kicks ass!.) Then I watched some baseball. Then I was channel flipping and ended up on "Behind the Music" on VH-1. It was the one about "Green Day". It was really interesting. I've always enjoyed the band, but now I have a new found respect for those guys. They took a lot of crap about being sell-outs from the punk community when they finally decided to sign with a major record label. After seeing their story, their music makes a lot more sense. It's so cool to find out about a band and see the different influences in their songs. It was a very good show.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back tomorrow to let you know if my horoscope was accurate. I'm putting my money on no phone call. Later.