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May 29th, 2002

10:12 am

So, I totally caved and called my dude last night. I was just too curious to see what he had to say and he's a man, so I knew he wouldn't call. I don't know. I guess we're ok. I'm just going to sit back and proceed with caution to see where this goes. Now I really am going to wait for him to make the next call. No caving this time.

Yesterday I got on the bus and there were three punks sitting in the front three seats by the driver. I could tell the driver was annoyed partly because these punks were loud and obnoxious, but mostly because they were in my seat and he would rather be talking to me than listening to these kids blather on about nothing. (Yes, yet another bus driver is in awe of my greatness.) So I figure these kids are probably going to get off at the hospital (which serves as the terminal on this particular route) or maybe they would get off at the first block or 2 after the hospital. Well, they didn't get off and the driver finally asks them where they're going. They say they want to go to the downtown terminal. The driver informs them that he doesn't go to the downtown terminal. So the ringleader of these punks says "And you're just now telling us?!" So the driver points out that they didn't ask and he doesn't read minds but they were still all pissed off at him. How dumb is that? People do such stupid stuff on the bus. It's really not that hard to pick up a bus schedule and figure out where these things go. And if you're too stupid for that, why not ask the driver? Riding around in circles waiting for the driver to read your mind isn't going to get you very far.

OK, so that's my rant for the day. I am so very tired right now. words can't describe how badly I wanted to stay in my bed today. I really hope I can keep myself awake all day. Later.