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May 8th, 2002

10:22 am

I have some kind of crud. My chest is congested, my head is stuffy and my throat hurts. It sucks. Yesterday I started my dayquil/nyquiil routine to try to get rid of my crud without having to go to the doctor. I hate doctors. I've had good results with the dayquil/nyquil thing before so I'll see how it goes. The thing I don't like is that nyquil causes me to have really freaky dreams. They usually just don't make any sense and they're more intense or vivid than most of my dreams. Last night's dream was pretty tame for a Nyquil dream. All I can remember about it is that I found $448 in a drawer. I can't quite remember how it went, but somehow the $448 was connected to a trip to Las Vegas. Seems like it was cash that I brought home from a trip but forgot to put in the bank. See I told you the dreams made no sense. No one can really come home from Vegas with that much cash can they? It's kind of strange that it was 448 and not a rounded off number like 450. Maybe there's some significance there that I'm missing. I'm just glad this nyquil induced dream didn't involve any deaths. I hate it when that happens.

I went to a party Saturday night to watch NASCAR. It was ok. There weren't that many people there who were really interested in the race so that was kind of a downer. Then the race got postponed because of rain after 66 laps, so I had to wait for the conclusion on Sunday. It ended up being a really good race though.

I guess that's really all I've got to say today. Nothing much is going on. The Redhawks are finally starting to play better and are now just a game shy of .500. And Montreal is up 2 games to 1 in their 2nd round playoff series with Carolina. That seriously makes my day. So that's it. I'm just really obsessed with sports right now. I can't think of anything else to talk about so I won't bore you. Later.