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Mon, May. 23rd, 2005, 01:56 pm
"Ow, My Titty!"

Have you seen the new Speed Racer commercial for Geico? It's awesome! It's even better than the Speed Racer commercial that Volkswagen did several years back. I just love the blank look on Speed's face after Trixie tells him that she saved money on her car insurance. Then Chim Chim does a weird little happy dance. It's a classic. Speed Racer can sell anything! GO SPEED!

We had a 3 hour beep ball practice on Saturday. It was damn hot. I got pretty beat up this week. I fell over first base a little awkward and tweaked my knee a bit, (my good knee, not the one that's already messed up from the tree limb incident). It's nothing though. It's still a little sore, but I'll be good to go for Thursday's practice. The worst injury of the day was the big ass bruise I have on my right boob. I dove for a ball and landed boob first directly onto the ball. It was surprisingly painful but I still made the play. Unfortunately, I instinctively shouted "Ow! My titty!" That was embarrassing. All the guys were cracking up. I was trying to get back into position and move on so they wouldn't think I was a wimp, but my boob was killing me. I was having trouble breathing. On the plus side, I had a great day hitting. I had the long ball of the day and I had one really hard hit that almost took the coach's head off. It was sweet. (not the part about nearly hitting coach, but that it was such a hard hit. I'm not THAT evil.) I was locked in good on my timing and was swinging very consistently. I out hit all the guys and they were all so embarrassed about it that none of them gave me too much crap about my breast injury. Well, they're all real nice guys so that probably worked in my favor too. We have a tournament in two weeks. I am seriously fired up about it.

I haven't seen the new Star Wars movie yet but I want to go as soon as some of the initial hoopla dies down. (You know, because I hate crowds.) If you've already seen it, I don't want to talk about it. Anyone who ruins it for me is getting a swift kick in the nuts. (I have no alternate plan in the event that a female ruins the movie for me, but rest assured that I will come up with something equally painful.)

Mom and Dad threw another one of their famous rooftop parties Saturday night. It was bitchin' as usual. There was a smaller turnout than usual but the people that showed made a fun and lively group. We didn't have any real noteworthy incidents this time around. It was just a lot of eating, drinking and BSing. The Redhawks got killed but it didn't matter. It was still a great shin-dig.

My office is definitely being moved to a new building. It's not official yet, but unofficially, it's a done deal. The target date for the move is July 1, but it will most likely not happen until August 1. I'm ok with it. It's not as convenient of a location for me as far as riding the bus goes, but it will be more laid back and quiet than the building we're in now. I think I'll like it once we get settled in. I'm getting shiny new office furniture out of the deal, so I really can't complain too much.

That's about all that's going on for today. Have a lovely day!