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Thu, Apr. 7th, 2005, 01:14 pm
Golf Blows

What's the deal with the Masters? Does anyone really care about this? I mean, it's just golf! During the NCAA tourney CBS was hyping the Masters non-stop. That damn commercial with that voice-over guy oozing "The Masters. A tradition like no other." makes me almost homicidal. Tradition my ass! It's golf. It's not Christmas, not the Super Bowl, not the World Series - now THOSE are traditions! But Golf? Thats a tradition? Whatever. Shut up about the Masters and show me some real sports. Golf is just old rich guys in ugly pants chasing a little ball around. No tradition there. Just complete and total boredom.

I have the same problem with tennis. Soon after this Masters nightmare is over (or maybe it's right after the U.S. Open, an equally boring national sports nightmare...), I'll start seeing commercials for Wimbledon. Again, who the hell cares? Tennis is a lame-ass, rich-boy, country club game just like golf except there is a slightly bigger, fuzzier ball, the ball chasing is confined to a big rectangle and instead of ugly pants, tennis has grunting... lots and lots of grunting (UGH!). Still boring. I'll pass.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest...

I have been really busy lately yet it was nothing exciting enough to write about. Hence the lack of new entries. My Mom ended up winning the NCAA bracket... I mean annual report at my office. Surprisingly, no one accused me of fixing the results. Mom won the pool at Dad's office too. It was just her year. Way to go Mom.

I've been busy doing pre-season workouts to get ready for Beep-Ball season. This is my first full year on the team and I'm the only chick. I practiced with the team at the end of last season to see if I could handle it. Now I'm hooked. It's damn near all I think about. I'm working on increasing my bat speed by taking lots of practice swings with a weighted bat. I've also been doing a lot of exercises that target my quadriceps since I have a tendency to pull those muscles. I want to incorporate some speed drills to help me with base running but I'm giving myself a little time to get in better shape first. I don't want to do too much too soon. Until I started this the only exercise I got was walking from the couch to the pisser during tv commercials and timeouts so obviously, I've got some work to do. I'm up to the challenge though. I don't want to sit on the bench all season because I'm too slow or too weak to get a good hit.

There's nothing much else to say. I'm SO GLAD baseball season is finally here. This was a long winter with no hockey to distract me. I'm going to see Cake tonight in Tulsa. Woo! I'll be back tomorrow with all the details.